I’m writing this on my flight to Miami in route to Managua, Nicaragua for some volcano boarding and some much needed surfing lessons. It’s 6:05 am, and the flight attendant is giving me the evil eye to shut this puppy down…

After a quick layover in Miami, and a two-hour Dewars happy hour an American I found myself in Managua. David and I decided to just spend the extra cash and cab it to Leon - it was a $120 2-hour cab ride. Well worth the money and the time. Our driver was also pretty awesome, and made a quick stop in route to BigFoot for us to take a photo:

The view to Leon from Managua was pretty awesome.

We’ve been in Leon for about 7-hours now and I have to say that I’m loving this city and its people. Time to venture and see more of Leon, and then get ready for an early morning of hiking a volcano and sledding down its slope!

I’m currently writing this post in Palmer, Alaska. Yes, Alaska. I had 10 hours to unpack and repack from my Scandinavian trip to make my next flight, for work, to the Last Frontier.

I’ll post about Alaska in the coming days. For now, I’ll catch you up on my Scandinavian adventure.

On our last day in Denmark we decided to make our way to the island of Møn to see Møns Klint: Boating to see the cliff was amazing. The process of getting there, however, was a little more involved. From Copenhagen we trained to Vordingborg and from there we took the bus to Møn, which was fine. What I was not expecting was the 6km bike ride afterwards. Don’t be fooled - by the “it’s only 6km” - it’s a very hilly 6km bike back to the city. I was not a happy biker - but I couldn’t really get mad when the scenery involves architecture such as this:
This is my attempt on an angry face:

As much as I complained to David about the bike ride - it was well worth the leg cramps. Here are more picks from the island of Møn:

Since our time was limited and we had to get to Sweden early the next day, we only spent the afternoon on the island. Wish we had more time…


David is ecstatic with his finish. I mean, it is an hour and 8 minutes faster than Ironman Cozumel! Here he is checking-out his new hardware:

The bike portion of triathlons is what gets me nervous the most. I just always feel uneasy because so many things can happen that can end a race - from accidents, to injuries, and the most annoying of them all, bike malfunctions.

I always feel a major weight lifted off my shoulders when I see David finish the bike. I can finally breathe - I need a drink: AND NOW - THE MARATHON:

David looked great at transition. He needs to maintain sub 7:44 mile pace for the marathon to stay under 10 hours - MUST GO CHEER!!!!

The weather at the start of the swim was perfect. The water temperature was 19.2 degrees. David’s goal for the swim was to go under 55 minutes. SO YAY!

Here are pics of David finishing up the 2.4 mile swim at 53:52, which is pretty solid: TO THE BIKE HE GOES: